Fluffy Shoe

Milk Cow Cushion Slippers


If you are looking for a slipper that is cute, cozy and nostalgic, you will love these milk cow cushion slippers from fluffyshoe. These slippers are made of soft and fluffy material that feels amazing on your feet. They have a ribbed lining that provides extra cushioning and comfort. They also have a milk cow motif that reminds you of your childhood and makes you smile. These slippers are suitable for all year round and can be worn indoors or outdoors. They are easy to slip on and off and are very comfortable. Order yours today and enjoy the warmth and cuteness of these milk cow cushion slippers!


  • Our slipper with the ribbed lining feels absolutely amazing when you walk in them
  • The fluffy comfort shoe with the cow motif is adorable
  • These slippers are easy to slip on and off and are very comfortable 

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